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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Columbia's Famously Hot Etsy Team

This team consists of Etsy sellers in Columbia, SC and surrounding areas. Sellers of all items are welcome!

BC Artisans and Artists

BC Artisans - lets chat about local shows and craft communities.

Island Artisans BC

Artisans living and loving Vancouver Island and the neighbouring islands in BC Canada.

Columbia Area Crafters

Team of crafters based in Columbia, SC.

Beautiful British Columbia (Canada)

For etsy members in British Columbia

Columbias Etsy Market Team

Columbia's Etsy Market Team is made up of Local Etsy shop owners that participate in and around town at local markets.

Columbia River Gorge Artists

Columbia River Gorge Artists is a team created for buyers and sellers in the area.

Nelson & Area Handmade & Vintage

A team for anyone on Etsy who lives in or around Nelson, BC, and sells handmade or vintage items.


British Columbia


Vancouver, British Columbia