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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Comic Booked!

This is a forum for people looking to create something cool from their comic books and other vintage publications! It is also for anyone!

Nerdy Crafters UK

Crafters based in the UK who specialise in nerdy/geeky items

Switched ON

This is a forum for all things Light Switch Covers and the shops that sell them!


Superhero Inspired Creations

The People of Paper

For all of the people of paper.

Geeks Unleashed

A collection of geek themed shops that are supported and promoted by the podcast crew of "Geeks Unleashed!"

Celtic Con - Artists and Crafters tables

Celtic Con - Irelands Midland Comic Convention


Team for anyone that attends Dragon*Con

Titans of Cartoonitude

Chris Gugliotti and Jason May are the Titans of Cartoonitude