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Recycling Computers and Electronics

Recycling Old Computers and Electronics - Learn, DIY, Promote

phones laptops computers

we sell new phones, computers, laptops for small prices.

Sandy Vermon

Computer repair service


Artistic and super smart. Etsy Geeks are the perfect mix between knowledge and raw talent. We get stuff done fast!

Knights of the Coffee Table

Geeks and geek lovers, who love to craft while watching late night TV marathons!


lets join and become the success mousepad seller

Atari Force

A gathering place for lovers of all things Atari. Computers, gaming systems, games...

Three Dee Attire

A place for the makers and admirers of 3D printed jewelry and accessories to discuss and share!


A team for people who love video games. No need to sell video game stuff in your store - all video game lovers are welcome!