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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Big Hearted Business attendees 2013

This group is for attendees of the 2013 Big Hearted Business conference in Melbourne, Australia.

Etsy Success Symposium - Team Vanessa

Mini-team of Etsy Success Symposium attendees!

Etsy Success Symposium - Team Nicole

Mini-team of Etsy Success Symposium attendees!

Etsy Values & Impact

Join innovative thinkers and creative entrepreneurs in the conversation of how to build lasting and fulfilling human scale-economies!

Makers Summit 2015

This is a temporary team for Makers Summit 2015 attendees.

Promote your business

Different Touch is a digital printing Personalized imprinted T-Shirts,mugs, mouse pad, cutting board, etc. Any body can join this team.


Sales Force One is a team designed to enrich, empower and educate Etsy Artisans.

Michigan Silversmiths Guild (MSG)

A team to support Michigan Silversmith Guild Members


Our team is a local professional network that provides local Etsy sellers with creative business and sales ideas and dedicated team members.

Women Simply Living Life

The Women's Dream Team is an online community of women who desire to get more out of life and spend more time with family and friends.