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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Wholesale & Consignment Tips

Helpful information for Wholesale & Consignment

Wholesale & Consignment Sellers

Sellers that offer wholesale and/or consignment.

Double Blessing Boutique

Double Blessing Boutique is looking for vendors for their shop!

Master Brick n Mortar List

An international resource for finding stores

Dots & Loops Handmade

Connect with us to conisgn your goods!

StayDifferent Fashion Webshop

Keeping contact with brands, designers, stores. To Help each other growing wider.


For the trifecta of crafty entrepreneurs: Etsy, a dot com, and live sales

Arts Business Institute

We're Etsians ready to help you branch out into selling to shops. Some Biz Teams permit posting of work for sale- Please NOT here!

South (and East) of the Loop

This is a team for Etsy creators and artisans from the South and South-East of Houston, in particular the NASA - Clear Lake area.