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Cookie Lover Union

You Love Cookies. I Love Cookies. WE Love Cookies.

Cookies, Candy, Cakes, Mixes

This team if for anyone that buys or sells cookies, candies, cakes, Dry Mixes or related items


Fully loaded, gluten free, or vegan - let's share our baking tips!

Spotlighting edibles and plants

(SEPT) This team was developed just for the plants and edibles category.

For the love of Sweets and Treats

This is a team for people who make items containing cupcakes, candy, sweets, chocolate, and all other sweet treats. Edible and nonedible!!

Bakers of the World Unite

We are a team of Bakers who enjoy the art of baking. We strive to bring forth the yumminess in the world!

Everything Smelly...GOOD that is.

For Candle Lovers, Soap Lovers, Fragrance Lovers, Cookie Lovers or anything else that smells delicious!

Pediatric Cancer Research

Donating proceeds to Cookies for Kids' Cancer

Eats, Treats & Sweets

Etsians that bake and create yummy treats!


We are handcrafters banded together to provide amazing samples through My Dream Sample Box.