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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Copyright issues

This team created to have a platform for draftees, artists and creators to share and educated each other about copyrights issues.

masters of the Public Domain

This team is dedicated to sharing the centuries of rich artwork that is in the public domain.

Integrity on Etsy

This group of Etsy merchants pledges to work ethically, legally and with integrity in their marketplace and pledge to remain so.


The cure for the common business topic!

Vendors Against Internet Piracy

Welcome everyone! The objective of this group is to preserve and protect the essence of internet artistry.

Banned From the Forums

Perma-muted from the forums? Exiled due to a slip of the keyboard? Just plain ornery? Welcome!

Utah Etsy

Utah based crafsters and artists!

Etsy Buyers and Sellers

A team for all the facebook members of Etsy Sales