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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Hand Crafted Conscious Cosmetics

Not Tested on Animals and Non Toxic

Natures Cosmos of Cosmetics

I am hypersensitive to everything in mans market, I've decided to develop natural solutions to my cosmetic needs.

Beauty Knowlede

Skincare and Cosmetic Knowledge.

Makeup Junkies

For anyone that loves to buy, collect, or wear cosmetics.

Keeping Up With The FDA

Getting 5-star customer reviews starts with good cosmetics making practices.

Mineral Makeup Collaboration

The MMC is a place for mica loving mineral makeup creators, vegan and non vegan, to talk about their techniques, practices, and ideas.

Tricks of the Trade

Lets share our ideas and get connected!

Soapalooza Etsy Artisans

A Discussion Forum for Artisan & Handmade Soap & Cosmetics business owners from all over!

Skincare for all buyers and sellers- all discussions welcome

If you sell or buy handmade/organic skincare,, this is the team for you! Great for yourself or to give as a gift...