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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Spun Cotton Team

We are artists that enjoy working with cotton to create vintage inspired ornaments and figures.

Organic Baby Clothing

Organic Baby Clothing - Go Green with your Baby !

Patchwork baby quilts

Patchwork baby quilts - for those who love their little ones.

Crochet Hookers

A Love Affair For Crochet !

Indian Artisans

Group of Indian art lovers, lets join hands and contribute for the exposure of undiscovered tradition artforms.

Barbie Doll Knits and More

Promote your barbie doll knits here or your other doll clothes and talk with other members about their custom handmade doll clothes knits.

Etsy Thread Killers Thread Killer

For susanwilliamsdesigns, the best thread killer of them all

Jelly B

Plan B Store & Jelly Jungle - creative, colourful and wearable pieces. Handmade in Melbourne.

national style

We think that a piece of handmade work which made with all heart and inspiration has a soul.