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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


Team rules: 1) No flaming/attacking other members 2) No self-promo threads. Dedicated threads are made for promotion. 3) Have fun!

Maryland Crafters


Peterborough Crafters

For everyone in and around Peterborough who loves to make

The Bartering Crafters

A place where fellow crafters can barter their crafts for other goods (crafts).

All Crafters

This is for any and all crafters!

Redlands Crafters

This team is for all Redlands, CA crafters/artists.

Edinburgh Crafters

A place for meeting Edinburgh-based crafters!

Tampa Crafters

This is where Tampa (and surrounding areas) crafters can connect.

The Crafter's Society

A marketing page in cahoots with Facebook's group

Pa Crafters

Crafters in Berks County Pa