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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Military Crafters

This team is for any and all associated with the military. Post threads to get ideas, promote your items, ask questions, or just vent :)

Cali Crafters

For California based Etsy sellers.

Crafting Mommas

This is a team for busy, working moms who love to craft for stress relief!

Angel Crafts

For everyone and anyone interested in Angels.

Florida Crafters

This team is for Florida Crafters as a melting pot of ideas and talents to be shared and promoted within the state of Florida.

DFW Crafters

There is a lot of people out there who craft in the DFW, and I thought we need a place to hang out. This is it.

Canadian Crafters

This is a shop where Canadian crafters can get together and share ideas, join craft shows and so much more!

craft creators

for anybody who likes to make things

Secular Crafters

A crafty group designed for freethinkers, atheists, humanists, and other unbelievers.