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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Creative Families..Home Schoolers Welcome!!

this team is for families who help their child sell on etsy...Home Schoolers welcome!

Creative Friends

A group for creative people from etsy to come together, share ideas, and support each other through our etsy selling.

Cerebrally Creative Co.

For those with an abundance of creativity to meet and share ideas and inspiration.

Creative Spirits

Members made up of people with creative spirits.

Creative Cafe

This team is a group of people who enjoy promoting their shops and having fun.

Creative ways to make money

We all are trying to make money on Etsy, but what can we do besides this to make extra money?


We take pride in our work and helping others.

The Creative Juice Co.

Do you like to let the creative juices flow in your blood? Do you want to inspire others to do the same? We are the Team for you!!

Handmade Wall Hangings

This team is for anyone who is listing handmade wall hangings for homes or anyone who loves home decor! :)

Eco Furniture

Earth, family & kid friendly furniture that lasts a lifetime...