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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Shabby Chic steampunk escape

This is a team designed to advertise and share creative pieces and shops built around steampunk and shabby chic.

Artists (Painters) with Questions and Answers

Sharing thread. Not for just posting new listings For ones that want to chat about the creativity of paintings

The WitchCrafters Of Etsy

If your a creative witch that offers unique wiccan,pagan,fairy,new age,metaphysical and magical goodies. we want you!

Folkart and Primitives

A team for creative crafters who want to share tips, and inspire, to help promote each other, and to bond friendships, NO drama is allowed

I love pretty things...

We wanted to create a team where people could be part of a smart, imaginative working environment while learning creative strategies

Treehouse People! -> Unite!

Treehouses are sanctuaries for the soul to reconnect with nature and in so your creativity imagination and love will soar like the birds!

Rainy Day Hobby

This is a team for art makers with small inventories who just like to create on rainy days & stir up their creative juices!

Fine ART and Jewelry Team Around the world

This team is looking creativity artist and jewelry makers, all of this is about art and accessories, join with as.

Young Single Mothers Unite

This was created for single mothers using their creativity and gift to make ends meet! Lets get together and support one another!

Keeping the prices real

The aim of this team is to support real pricing of handmade etsy items, reflecting the hard work, creativity and quality of each item.