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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Etsy Values & Impact

Join innovative thinkers and creative entrepreneurs in the conversation of how to build lasting and fulfilling human scale-economies!

Made On the Left

MADE ON THE LEFT was founded in 2008 by independent designers with the intention to support Western Australian creative talent.

Once upon a time...

For sellers working in any creative medium & drawing inspiration from fairy tales and narrative mythology from any culture.


This team is a place to discuss your creative space that you run your Etsy shop out of.

Crystal Coast of NC

Join a team of creative folks from and/ or living at the Crystal Coast of North Carolina!

Conquest of The Front Page

We are dedicated to finding fun and creative ways to promote our shops, straight to the front page!

In Pursuit of Magic

The Etsy Team for sparking creative genius, building products, maintaining-marketing your masterpieces OR to just find some inspiration!

How to improve your sales on Etsy

This team is a collective of jewelry designers handmade creatives supporting each other on how to improve sales on Etsy.

Surreal Art Dolls

This Team welcomes doll artist who do creative and surreal work by doll artist. Strange,dark,conceptual and fantasy work.


The Connecticut Team is a collective of designers, printers and handmade creatives supporting each other within the local art community.