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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Constructive criticism

Members wanted that will help build up our etsy shops to make them better, share ideas, and promote each other.


I notice a lot of crafters on Etsy are moms. Lets join up and chat.

Get A Critique

Just one post - add your shop and a bit about you and I will try and critique as many people as possible!

Critique My Shop

Because there's always room for improvement

Handmade Jewelry (Jewels By Shanni)

Anyone can join as long as they put effort into their jewelry they are selling, we need ideas, constructive criticism, & questions answered!

Real Success

This team will teach you the language of success, learn to: be organized, be patient, be prepared for criticism, be perseverant and calm.

Trade, Shop, Buy, Leave Reviews

This team is for people looking to trade with other shops

Saint Paul Bead and Jewelry Artists

This team is open to anyone that has their creative juices flowin' in the fair City of Saint Paul, MN!

Weird & Wonderful Etsy Sellers

An informative and creative team of weird & wonderful Etsy sellers!