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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Craft Talk Buzz

This team is a place to come together to talk about crafts and to help each other promote.

Handmade Community

A handmade community full of great advice...

Better Etsy Photos

A place to ask questions, get critiques and improve your photos to sell more!

Spring 2014 Etsy Shop Openers

This team is for new Etsy users who opened a shop around Spring 2014.

Etsy Blogging Team

Want to be in a close blogging community? You're in the right place!

Starving Artists

This is a team where artists can get together not just to promote their listings but to inspire one another and have fun!

Handmade Jewelry Group

This team is for anyone who loves to create handmade jewelry, and for anyone who wants to get views and favorites!

Helping fix slow days

Here I will attempt to connect Etsy users not just trying to promote themselves but to promote others as well!

Etsy Sellers 101

Share your tips & tricks, ask questions, and promote/critique.


A critique based team for jewelry designers.