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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

The Cruelty Free Feather Friends

A place for bird lovers and their plumage. Network with other animal friendly sellers, or shop Etsy's finest feather shops!

Vegan Etsy Team

The Official Vegan Team on Etsy! Vegan Etsy Team. Vegan Handmade Buy Vegan Made By Vegans

I Like It Organic

A community of organic enthusiasts and artisans.

animal ethical

no animal testing, cruelty free, ethical sourced, animal lovers, green, recycle, no real fur pelts, no taxidermy

Recycled Pets

Team for people who support and promote adopting their pets.

Peace, Love and Feathers

A group of artisans who love to design and create feather jewelry and accessories that are unique, and created with love.

Palm oil awareness

This is for those who are palm-free or only use eco-friendly sustainable palm oil.

Eclectic Curiosity

Fashion, Art ,crafts, artisan cruelty free food and great music


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