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Etsy Natural Healers Guild

Etsy Natural Healers Guild is a community of like-minded Etsy sellers who share the love of nature's miraculous gifts.

Crystal Healing

A gathering place for those who love crystals!

Rockhound Market

to share and discuss gems and minerals and all gem and mineral related content

Crystals, Stones and Minerals

For those that have a passion for Crystals, Stones and Minerals

Healing Crystals

Metaphysical & Healing Crystals

the enchanted collective of etsy

A beautiful collection of spirited and enchanting etsy artists.

New Age Magic Stores

A spiritual community for new age related shops to promote each other and for the shoppers whose magical needs and desires they fulfill!

Fashion and Healing Arts

Wearable healing crystals and healthy, positive thinking mantras

In Pursuit of Magic

The Etsy Team for sparking creative genius, building products, maintaining-marketing your masterpieces OR to just find some inspiration!


Welcome here members who create items for HEALTHY.