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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Planet Korea

This team is for Etsy show owners and buyers who live in South Korea, or simply love Korean culture!

North African Design

This is a place for all people who LOVE North African design, clothing, culture, etc!

The Artist Exchange

The goal of th org. is to create an atmosphere of extraordinary, artistic and cultural opportunities, for artist and community alike

The Journey of This Life Thru Photography

Team Treasury on the 8th of every month. Tag-JLP for this Team. *Support Our Team Photographers*

Deaf Artist and more

Deaf/HoH and Differently-Abled individuals shops and supporters.

Movie Mania

A place to hang out for etsy users who make and sell movie-inspired items, plus any fellow movie fans!

Dark Calaveras

Artist's into day of the dead and Mexican afterlife. Sugar skulls, coffins, carved skulls, frida kahlo, mexico, Halloween and lowbrow.

Mountain Dew

For all those who LOVE Mountain Dew.

Sankofa's Workshop

Sankofa's Workshop provides quality products, original art jewelry and clothing holistic herbs and rubs from crafters local.

Geeky Stitchers Unite

Come and lets make a band of geeky stitchers.