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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

EDM Inspired Merchandise

Anything that is Inspired by the Electronic Dance Music culture and community.

Team Hindi

People who love the beautiful culture and style of India, Nepal, Pakistan, etc.


our love of Africa, World Culture, History and fine products Including Ideas for African home décor.

Ethnic & Tribal Jewelry

The story of ethnic jewelry is rich with influences from many cultures. These jewelries are Antique, Cultural & Gothic.

Tiki Team

A forum to celebrate tiki on Etsy. Tiki is a playful beachy Polynesian pop culture and artistic style.

Planet Korea

This team is for Etsy show owners and buyers who live in South Korea, or simply love Korean culture!

Once upon a time...

For sellers working in any creative medium & drawing inspiration from fairy tales and narrative mythology from any culture.

French Market @ The Promenade at Westfield Santa Anita

The French Market is the essence of this Parisian culture nestled within the Westfield Santa Anita Mall Promenade.


A haven of handmade gifts for both buyers & sellers. We maintain a fun, endearing & supportive culture. We help promote YOU!

african fashion

The evolution of African clothing is difficult to trace because of the lack of historical evidence. Although artifacts from Egyptian culture