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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Witty, pretty and creative cups

A group that creates their artwork on cups, mugs, and flatware.

Team Chatter

Coffee Cup Networking

Coffee Lounge

Coffee Lounge is a team designed for the coffee lover in mind.

Time for Tea

A team for those who adore all things tea related - teas, tisanes, teacups, tea accompaniments, tea art, tea scented products, and more!

Cafe Art

Art related to or found in cafes or on coffee items.

Tea and Sympathy

Tea lovers, vintage china devotees, Alice in Wonderland fans and all those mad as a hatter for a tea party (not the political kind)!

Vintage Mugs and Glasses

This is a group to share Vintage Mugs and Glassware that you have for sale.


Uncommon size stuffs

The Awesome Fine Dining Team

This is a team for vintage and antique collectors and sellers who love tableware.

The Vinyl Team

Selling Vinyl Decals On Etsy? If so join this team and learn and share to increase your sales of decals.