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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

DIY Customs

Custom Toys by urban artists

Ship / Send / Sell to Philippines

Learn how to send your items to Philippines either as a seller or buyer

Share Trade

A campaign to help all Etsy sellers export their products more easily, from lowering customs thresholds to reducing shipping costs. Join us!

Greek Orthodox Weddings

A team for etsy members to discuss topics regarding GREEK ORTHODOX WEDDINGS!

Canadians Shipping from the U.S.

Are you a Canadian seller who crosses the border to ship your sales, or want to be? This team is all about helping each other!

Canadian Tax Team

Here you'll find Canadians to help and chat about your tax, customs, business, and shipping problems!

Canadian Alchemy Team

Canadian alchemy team is a way to support local seller, cut back on shipping cost, order custom items, and avoid customs :)

Shipping Issues

Connecting sellers concerning shipping issues

Society of International Artists Yokohama

A group for local artists to meet one another, support each other's work and learn new techniques.

Huggable Hound Holiday Shipping Deadlines 2013