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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Dance Inspired Treasuries

A team to create treasuries to promote all forms of dance, ballet, Irish , Jazz, Ballroom

Pole Dance Revolution

Pole Dancing has become the new work-out craze!! Post items here that relate!!

Burlesque Belly Dance

A little naughty. A little nice. A lot you.


The Men of Belly Dance

Tango Lovers & Co.

The place for those who not only dance but live tango.

Belly Dancers on Etsy

Belly Dancers on Etsy Team is for all belly dance creators of any type. Share ideas, create, and shimmy!

Ballet Dancers (Beginners to Professionals)

This is a team for anyone who loves ballet, whether you have any formal training or not. If you feel like a ballerina inside, join this team


For flamenco product sellers

EDM Inspired Merchandise

Anything that is Inspired by the Electronic Dance Music culture and community.

DIY Raqs

Gorgeous, handmade belly dance goodies. Costumes, jewelry, bindis and more!