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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

For Dear Lucinda

For support of Etsy seller DesignedbyLucinda in her tragedy

Share your new item!

Post 3 of new items of your shop and like 10 items above!!!)))

All about performing arts

Everything about and for PERFORMING ART WORLD. Let's support each other!

Creative Treasury Team

Artistic and creative treasuries

Alabama Tornado Help

Collecting fabric for a friend who lost her everything in Alabama Tornado

Trooping Faeries

We are a group (ie. trooping) whose art reflects and celebrates the fantastical realms of the imagination.

Christian Vintage Sellers & Buyers

This team's arms are opened wide for all vintage lovers. Find a place to make to friends, inspire and be inspired.

Heart of Appalachia Street Team

Whether it's "apple-atcha" or "apple-aysha" to you, if you love the mountains, come on in!

Post Apocalyptic Collective

Creative types of all stripes with a penchant for badassery in art, music, story telling, accessorizing, and what-have-you.

Think Pink UK

A team for anyone from the UK who has been touched by Breast Cancer, be it yourself or a loved one.