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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

DIY Jelwery - DIY Magic

DIY Jewelry - Accessories are a fun way to personalize an outfit with your own unique flair, and these DIY jewelry ideas are offering ...

DIY cloth

This group set up for DIY cloth communication

DIY Weddings

A place for sellers and buyer to unite to create fabulous Do-It-Yourself weddings!

DIY Customs

Custom Toys by urban artists

DIY & Crafting

This is a team for all do it yourselfers and crafters. Share your ideas, stories, promote your shop.....anything goes.

DIY fashionista

DIY fashionista is a team to find the new trends and get sewing tips and find diy's

DIY Raqs

Gorgeous, handmade belly dance goodies. Costumes, jewelry, bindis and more!

DIY Rebellion

A group of DIY innovators looking to change the world.

Cute Kawaii DIY

Any items that is Cute, Kawaii, or makes you want to just burst out with happiness!