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65 Roses Gala Donations

Looking for items for a silent auction to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Raven Theatre Auction Donations!

Help Support Raven Theatre's 2nd Annual Online Auction!

Donations on Etsy

Anyone on etsy who gives a portion of their profits to a good cause.

BuildaBridge International Donations Desperately Needed

BuildaBridge International is a nonprofit that services homeless youth and victims of violence through the arts.

Donation for Ethiopian Orphan Relief

I am searching for anyone who would be willing to donate an item(s) for a charity event I am planning for Ethiopian Orphan Relief (EOR).

Angels On Earth

Donations (non-cash) needed for a gift auction.

Shops That Donate

For all the shops that donate a portion of their profits.

Triumphing Over All

Looking for those willing to donate items for us to help a little 4 year old girl named Jordyn and her family pay for cancer treatments.

Blankets for Change

This group is dedicated to promoting the end of Domestic Violence by making blankets or other items to donate to the cause.

Pet Charities

donations to the ASPCA for certain marked items for sale on Etsy