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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Starving Artists

This is a team where artists can get together not just to promote their listings but to inspire one another and have fun!

Cool Artists of Etsy

Team of Undiscovered Artists

Team Hobeauxken Art

This team is meant to promote the art scene in Hoboken.

Art from the Heart

Handmade art, crafts, jewelry

Creepy Crawlies

Anyone who likes things creepy, ghoulish, and scary.

Puzzle Lab Collaboration

Want to make some fun, interesting and cool Jigsaw Puzzles for your Etsy store? .We'd like to team up with you!

Boston area Fine Arts

Networking group for artists in the Boston Metro area, MetroWest and suburbs

Russian artists on Etsy

All talented people, WELCOME!

Cat Attack

A team that brings together the best cat illustrators, designers and cat lovers on etsy