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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Cut and Dried

This team is for people that specialize in selling herbs, spices, seeds, nuts, and tools or accessories used in their production and sale.

Wet Plate & Dry Plate Photography

A team for the Wet Plate & Dry Plate Photographers of Etsy


Love CLAYCRAFT by DECO? Join the team and share your creations

Cookies, Candy, Cakes, Mixes

This team if for anyone that buys or sells cookies, candies, cakes, Dry Mixes or related items

Cold Porcelain Clay-Beginners and Experts

A place for all the cold porcelain clay lovers to share their works, as well to discuss future projects and give tips and ideas.

Intaglio Printmakers

A team for etchers and engravers.

Dorm Decor

Students, Sellers, and Buyers interested in styling college dorm rooms

BBQ, Bar B Que, & Barbecue

It does't matter how you spell it, we all love it!


Our team makes custom figurines and ornaments from a variety of clay, including polymer clay, plasticine, ceramic, fondant, & terra cotta.