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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


An eclectic group of friends helping each other with online shops.

Eclectic Endemic

This Team is for Ventura county and surrounding cities' artisans to support each other during forum discussion, meetings and fairs

Wed Eclectic

We are a collaboration of traditional and offbeat wedding vendors that put the 'WE' first in weddings one eclectic idea at a time.

Team Eclectic

Team eclectic consists of several different mediums coupled with artistic expression by All etsian artists..


A team for those who make and sell beaded jewelry and knitted, crocheted, and tatted items.

Eclectic Curiosity

Fashion, Art ,crafts, artisan cruelty free food and great music

Eclectic Crafters

This team is meant for people who sell a variety of different types of handmade items.

Eclectic Trade Team

A place where we can come together to meet other shop owners who love to trade as much as we do!

Eclectic Etsyians of Erie

An open team for crafters, suppliers, and vintage shop merchants from the northwest area of Pennsylvania to chat, support, and promote.