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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Eco-Friendly Pet Toy Makers Forum

A forum for Etsy Artisans who create pet toys using Upcycled, Repurposed, Sustainable, Organic and Eco-friendly materials

Green wedding

Recycled and Eco friendly goods for weddings.

Minnesota Eco

Minnesota crafters that make eco friendly goods

Open Organic Team

Open team for anyone with an interest in organics.

Organic Vegan Crafters

A team for organic vegan crafters on Etsy.

Earthly Etsy

A group of eco-friendly earth conscious Sellers

Chicago eco crafters

we are a group of makers who live in chicago and make eco friendly goods.

Shop For A Cause

Stores that are either FairTrade, Eco-friendly and donate a portion of their sales to charity.

Allied Energy Crafting

A group that is dedicated towards crafts that are green and eco-friendly.