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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Spotlighting edibles and plants

(SEPT) This team was developed just for the plants and edibles category.

Edible Business Owners

Do you make awesome creations in or out of your kitchen? Do you own a business- baking, grilling etc. Well this the page for you.

Etsy's Edible Arts Team (EEAT)

We are a licensed group of Edibles Artists that have come together to provide a safe avenue for customers to purchase edibles on Etsy.

For the love of Sweets and Treats

This is a team for people who make items containing cupcakes, candy, sweets, chocolate, and all other sweet treats. Edible and nonedible!!

Eats, Treats & Sweets

Etsians that bake and create yummy treats!

Team Etsy Mississippi

Mississippi Residents and Collectors

Eat Your Heart Out!

This TEAM is for all the Etsy workers who love to make delicious treats! Come join our team and show us what you are made of! :)

Simply Sweetness

The Simply Sweetness Team is one where you'll find all things Sweet!


Backyard, Frontyard, Window, Container, Rooftop, Sidewalk, Indoor, Apiary, Aquaculture, Food Processors, Small Organic Restaurants and more!

Cookies, Candy, Cakes, Mixes

This team if for anyone that buys or sells cookies, candies, cakes, Dry Mixes or related items