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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Nature Inspiration

Hand crafted items inspired by nature

Direct Ordering From Swarovski Team

The team captain is an authorized wholesaler for the Swarovski Elements Company. We pool our orders together to make order minimums.

Fusion etsy

Makers who combine elements in their crafts


Furniture containing elements of sculpture or art.

Deal hunters

Deal sharing, Awesome finds for Jewelery designers and crafters.

Beads and Supplies Discount Buying Group

Fire Mountain Gems - ALWAYS! get the lowest list price available. NO minimum order. NO prepayment. International shipping.


Creating a supportive and sharing community for those who their final products have been totally elaborated IN SMALL AND LOCAL WORKSHOPS

A Clockwork Orange

A place for artists influenced by the Steampunk sub-genre with its prominent elements of fictional technological inventions