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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Oxford Entrepreneurs

Oxford Entrepreneurs - Lets support each other!

Creative Entrepreneurs

This a place for creative entrepreneurs & small business owners who want to build a thriving business filled with inspiration & passion.

Etsy Entrepreneurs

Etsy Entrepreneurs is a team dedicated to helping Etsy shop owners reach their business goals and quit their day job.

Nonprofits/Social Entrepreneurs

Shops whose mission include full or partial donation to charity.

Australian Handmade Entrepreneurs

A place for talking business and thinking outside the box for creative business solutions.

Oklahoma Entrepreneurs & Artisans

A Team to help each other build our client base, sell our wonderful products, & generally grow as small business owners & those who like us!

Fruita Co Entrepreneurs

Local residents working together to help market and promote each others shops. Being able to ask questions and get answers. Make friends.

! ➽ Entrepreneurs "I Will"

Entrepreneurs "I Will" rather than "I Wish"