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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


Women in general and Senior Women that love everything that is outdoors.

Etsy Golf

Handmade for golfers

Photography Techniques

A team for anyone who want to share their unique photography techniques, collaborate on new ideas, or discuss anything photography.

Art Center for Omaha

A center for creative people in Omaha for equipment, classes, and community.

Amber workshop

Team of fire and led performers and equipment makers

Audio Crafters

Creators of custom built high fidelity audio equipment.

Wood Burning Anonymous

For anyone who is shopping for or selling handmade wood burnings or wood burning equipment.

Commodore & Amiga

This team is for everyone that is passionate about Commodore and Amiga equipment.

Professional Chefs of Etsy

This team is for professional chefs who love creative and vintage cooking equipment and food related items


A place for photographers, graphic designers, photoshop experts, retouchers and photo equipment and other photography suppliers to meet