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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

E-Quipe Quebec Team

J'aimerais sa(Voir) les talents qu'on a ici au Quebec.....


Women in general and Senior Women that love everything that is outdoors.

French Handmade Team Treasury

Équipe de treasury French Handmade

Art Center for Omaha

A center for creative people in Omaha for equipment, classes, and community.

Etsy Golf

Handmade for golfers

Amber workshop

Team of fire and led performers and equipment makers

Team Paris

Etsians of Paris and Ile-de-France

Team Etsy Touraine

De Tours à Chartes en passant par Orléans Blois ou encore Bourges, partageons localement nos idées, bons plans, et créations.

Communauté française d'Etsy

Bienvenue dans l'espace communautaire français d'Etsy !

Wood Burning Anonymous

For anyone who is shopping for or selling handmade wood burnings or wood burning equipment.