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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Ladies on Boards

A place for women passionate about boardsports (snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, etc.)

90s Lovers

This is a team for shops that feature 1990s vintage apparel, accessories, shoes, etc....

Do We Really Need This Crap

kreichman, schuler, Timko and assorted guests share their faves in jewlery, handbags etc.


Blue Springs, Independence, Lee's Summit, etc

Shamanic Drum and Rattle Makers Worldwide

Team for shamanic drum and rattle makers, to share information and supplies etc...

BNS Expansion

...for the Etsy-ers looking to expand their shop sales, favorites, followings, etc.

Rag Rugs

any type of handmade rugs, crochet, braided, woven etc...

Scale Military Modelers

Team for scale model builders to share ideas, techniques, etc.

Creative souls!!

This group is for anyone creative and artistic that use Nature such as animals, flowers, etc., in their designs.

Vintage Polo Stussy Supreme

All Vintage Stuff like Ralph lauren, Stussy, Supreme etc.