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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Etsy Craft Party Team

This group is a fun way to gather together Craft Party organizers and participants across the globe.

Etsy Tea Party

Our team is centered around a love for lolita, hime gyaru, dolly, sweet & girly fashion and lifestyles.

Any Given Party

Any Given Party is a website that features great party ideas, delicious recipes, and fabulous planning tips!

Juggalo Crafters of Etsy

Juggalos are people to and some of use are very talented. I want to see more of my family making something of them-self.

Craft Savannah

Savannah has a party atmosphere, historic value, amazing artists, and the charm of the Old South... not to mention a fabulous Etsy group!

ETSY Craftivist SG

ETSY Craftivist SG is a platform for Singapore-based designers and makers to connect and help one another enhance their handmade business

Craft-ettes Dallas Esty

Craft-ettes - Crafty Girls of Dallas. Craft-ettes is a Dallas Etsy based group dedicated to the handmade movement.

Etsy Michigan

Etsy Michigan is a team for shop owners that live in Michigan and wish to promote their own shops and the shops of fellow Michiganders.


Etsy Artists who use Instagram to promote