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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

The Fun Forums

Join the Fun! Come hang out and socialize with the people of Etsy in freedom!

Brampton Etsy Sellers Team

A team of Brampton or surrounding area sellers who wish to collaborate and socialize.

Etsy Catholic

A team for Catholics and those interested in Catholicism!

Czech Etsy

Czech Republic residents who sell art, handmade, supplies or vintage goods on Etsy.

1,000 Things Alpaca

A place for the Alpaca people of Etsy to gather, socialize, promote, and support each other.


etsyTWINS is a Team where twins & mothers of twins can share their crafts, socialize, advertise and more!

Ringold Etsy Team

To help network in the area, come up with ideas to promote our work locally, and to serve as a resource for improving our shops.

Etsy Talent Management

TALENT PROMOTION COMMUNITY, which will HELP YOU make the most of your talents and abilities to get more Views, Likes and Sales in Etsy !!!

Cirque Social

This team is the literal meaning; Social Circus. A place where all Etsians are welcome to join and socialize.

Brampton artisans and crafters

This team is for all etsians within the brampton area looking to connect, socialize and network with other local artisans and crafters.