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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

UK Etsy

A group for Etsy members who live in the Uk

Etsy UK

Hi, I'm new to Etsy, and would like to make a team from other UK based makers and collectors x

UK Etsyers

A Team for UK based Etsy-ers

Crochet UK

An Etsy Team for crochet lovers from the UK. A place to share crochet tips, promote your patterns and all things crochet.

Etsy Essex (UK)

A group for all Arty Folks from Essex (uk)

Etsy Jewellery Makers UK

This team is for all you jewellery makers out there who sell your jewellery through Etsy.

Etsy Norfolk (UK)

An Etsy Team for crafters in Norfolk

Etsy in Essex UK

Team of etsians from Essex and East London UK

Etsy Ethical makers UK

A support network of Etsy sellers in the UK who sell products made using ethical materials and practices.

UK Crafters on Etsy

This Team is for all UK Crafters who have a shop on Etsy.