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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Etsy Expats

For those living abroad, now, before, one day.

Ohio Expats

This is a Team that I'm testing for a member who is having troubles setting up her own Team

Malta Expats

This is a team for any artist/crafter living in Malta who is orginally from a different country.

Expat Artistas

Expats living in Mexico City wanting to get their Etsy on, lol.


For all Aussies on Etsy

Australians in the USA

A team for Australians living in the USA.

English Speakers in Europe

The purpose of this team is for Europeans and Expats in Europe to network in English.

Nomad Artists

A team for all of us nomad artists who roam the earth, live and create art, not calling just one place our home.

Artisan Cove

Promo, support and chat for beginners and veterans