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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


All for the promotion Etsy sellers

Etsy Promos & Social Sharing

New team to post your latest Etsy listings, your shop, following each other on social media platforms and group pinning.

Bellas BNS

We are primarily a BNS team but are opened to expanding! 

Handmade Canada

This is a group for all to support and get to know each other, for that reason I'd encourage member to participate at least once a week.

You Follow Me I Follow You

Join if you wish to gain more social media action and sales


A group for creative people

Promote, Promote and More Promote

Let's all help promote each other and work on getting sales


This group is by invitation only, we seek out highly talented and professional artists and craftspeople to work with and promote.


A group for all the people interested in Fanchimp and in Etsy Marketing Tips.