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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Faceters & Gemcutters GUILD

A group for artisan gemcutters.

Stone Cutters

The Stone Cutters team is a place for all people who love working with and talking about rocks and gems.

Mis-Named Stones and Metals Discussion

Bring all your Gemstone and Metals ID questions here.

Lapidarium Bar and Grille

A lounge for discussing all things gemstone and jewelry related..... or not.

Natural gemstones, Crystals, rough, cabochons, Crystal Pendants

Share and Promote Natural Gemstones, rocks in rough / cabochons, crystal pendants

Etsy Gem and Lapidary Suppliers

Gem and Lapidary Suppliers providing accurately described quality goods in keeping with the standards and ethics of our industry


We are wholesaler, manufacturer and exporter of loose gemstones beads and rare shape beads

Etsy in Australia & New Zealand shop successes

When you need help or just an ear we are there


Welcome everyone join our team and exchange opportunity :)

Raffaele Imperiale

Raffaele Imperiale how to Produce a restaurant administration strategy