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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Fair Trade

This is a new group for active members who are serious about trading what you make, for what you want!

Fair Trade Products

Fellow Etsy sellers who sell products made with fair trade ingredients

Trade With Me

All trade friendly sellers welcome!

Craft fairs UK

A place to *recommend* good craft fairs across the UK


A team where you can join with other Etsy sellers and trade anything!

The Handmade Trading Company

Meet and trade with other sellers, bloggers, vloggers, and marketers for more than just a product. Help for new Etsy sellers!

Hearts and Promotion/ Open Trade Team

This is a team dedicated to the art of cross promoting other Etsians through Hearting, Treasuries and general faving.

Set Me Free

A team for people to help each other live lives with more focus on fair-trade and ethically made goods, both in shop and life

Art Exchangers

A team for artists and curators of all kinds, who wish to promote their items and connect with others willing to trade.

Anou Community

Anou is a community of Moroccan artisans working together to establish equal access to global markets.