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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


Enjoy the Simple Pleasures of LIFE!! Shops that use words or quotes in their items!


Faith Based Scrapbooking Club and Boutique

Sacred Geometry and Intelligent Design

Here is a Team dedicated to Sacred Geometry in Art, Culture, and Life! We endeavor to create art with greater coherence to uplift and edify!

Create In Christ

Create in Christ is a team where believers in Christ can find fellowship, encouragement, inspiration, shop promotion and the love of Christ.

Poverty Barn

The Poverty Barn Etsy Team is home to the artists who create and sell under the name of Poverty Barn.

Designing from the Heart

Welcome to Designing from the Heart!!! This team is here to help support and encourage each other on our business adventure.

Air1 Listeners on Etsy

A Etsy team designed for listeners of Air1: The Positive Alternative

Mary's Graces

A team of people who are devoted to Mary and the divine feminine, who promote this in their Etsy shops and in their lives.

1 Agape Team

This is a Christian/Holy Scriptures faith based, loving team which also includes our brothers and sisters of the Jewish/Torah faith in God.

Christian Orthodox

This team has been created for Orthodox Christians or those inquiring about the Orthodox faith on Etsy.