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Etsy: The Fantasy

A place to find fantasies and dreams

Realms of Fantasy

Realms of Fantasy is for sellers who create in the fantasy genre, in any medium.


This is a place for perfume oil lovers. You can share information, favourite scents and new sellers within this field.

Vintage fantasy

for those who produce or sell vintage clothing, with patterns typical vintage or adapted to the present day

Fantasy Nerd Funtimes

A team for lovers of elves, dwarves, fantasy and fun things we make.

Dark Fantasy Painters/ Artists

This is a group set up strictly for original artwork created in the dark fantasy genre. This can be painters, illustrators, sculptors etc.

Fantasy Costume Horns & Ears

We are crafters of fantasy horns, ears, and head pieces gathering to chat about techniques and share news about convention opportunities.

Final Fantasy Fanatics

For all who love Final Fantasy and create art based on the games.

Magical Realism, Fantasy and Surrealism

A collection of magical realism, surrealism, visionary art, fae and fantasy art and anything. Feel Free to create new threads or revisit