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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


This team is all about favoriting each other's shops and listings. Just participate in the discussion threads and spread the hearts! :)


Let's favorite each other's shop

Favorite team

we all need some hearts for our items,this is the place to get them easly!

Favorite Lists

This team is for members who want to help test our new feature, Favorite Lists.

Get favorites

I will favorite your shop and items if you favorite mine

Ten Favorites Team

Love the idea of favoriting a treasury or an item? This is the team for you!

Favoriting Each Other Team

Welcome to our Favoring Team! Participation is key! So if you don’t have time to support your fellow team members please do not join.


If we want to sell We help each others!

(FMS) Favorite My Shop

Faving Fun, Hearts, Clicks & Views

Favorite back the shops who favorite you!

This team is for people who will favorite back other teams in return.