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Let's favorite each other's shop

Favorite team

we all need some hearts for our items,this is the place to get them easly!

Fun to Favorite

This team is all about adding items to your favorites

Favorites And Treasuries

Show off your Favorite Items and treasuries here

Favorites for everyone

This team is to help people get as many favorites as they can so that they will show up higher in listings and make more sales!

The Favorite Space

This is for all you Etsyers who love getting favorites on your shop or items. Here there will be plenty of favs to give and get!

Favorites for Sales

This team has been created for shop owners looking to increase sales volume.

Favorite Lists

This team is for members who want to help test our new feature, Favorite Lists.

Ten Favorites Treasury Team

Love the idea of favoriting a treasury? This is the team for you!

Favorite back the shops who favorite you!

This team is for people who will favorite back other teams in return.