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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

BNR Babes

Looking to help promote our fellow Etsy shop owners!


For those loving to play games to win spots to get featured... as well as top promoters!

Featured Artists and Top Buyers

COME JOIN OUR PROMOTIONAL TEAM https://www.etsy.com/treasury/­Mjc2NDYwMTR8MjcyNjM2ODY0OA/the­-full-monty-b

Wild BNR/BNS Friends

This is a fun group of friends who love to curate and participate in BNR's and BNS's!


What's a BNR? What's a BNS?

Brilliant BNR, BNS, & Treasuries

A team for anyone who likes to participate in Brilliant, Beautiful BNS's & BNR's, Treasuries, Games, Contests and more!

Frost Yourself BNS/BNR

A series of BNS and BNR Treasuries primarily focusing on self ornamentation and pampering.... but also home ornamentation. Spoil yourself!

Small Shop Promotion & BNR Group

Do you love to shop and love to support our HANDMADE community? Then this group is perfect for you!

Days of the Week BNS to BNR

This teams helps to keep you informed of what's happening with the "Days of the Week" BNS to BNR.

BNR/BNS Convos more than welcome

For all of those who wish to receive convos about different BNR/BNS around Etsy