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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Featured Seller Revolution on Etsy

Welcome to the Ravelry group for the Featured Sellers Revolution on Etsy.

Feature Me on Avas Apparel

A team for those new sellers who have just started out. Each week I will feature up to 4 different shops, all getting their own post!

Sydney Sellers Treasury Group

A group just for sellers in Sydney & NSW Australia. Create 1 Treasury, Get Featured in 16

*Lovely Clusters Sellers

Sellers who are featured in the Lovely Clusters gallery.

create 1 treasury to be featured in 16

A team to help small sellers promote each other

Inspirational Type Buyers and Sellers

Art of any kind featuring uplifting and inspiring words. All are welcome to join if you have items in this category! Feel free to PROMOTE!

Buyers and Sellers of Photography

Anyone interested in buying or selling photography.

Ohio Handmade

Featuring all Ohio sellers of handmade goods

Team Pulp Street

A place for featuring some of our favorite people, sellers, and products!!!