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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Floral Love

For the Love of Flowers

Floral Arranging

Display, Showcase, Support and Share Floral Arrangements!

Floral Lovers

For all who simply love to make and sell and buy floral jewelry and accessories!


stripes and floral prints

Vintage and Antique Still Life Art and Florals

A place to discuss and promote antique and vintage still life and floral artwork.

Florists of Etsy

A Community for Florists & Flower Enthusiast's

Flower Power

A team for lovers and sellers of flowers in any medium.

The Wallflowers

For all of those wonderful people who are wallflowers, as simple as that.

Amen Custom Creations

Amen Custom Creations designs just for your Event!

Wedding Flower Aficionados

Wedding floral designers and fans