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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Treasury fun buddies

This treasury team will create the most romantic and magical treasury. Please come and join us.

For the love of creating!

This team is for anyone who loves to use their imagination and natural talents to create things.

Fabric Talk

I decided to make this group for those of you looking for certain fabrics.

65 Roses for Cystic Fibrosis

This is a team to help promote listings that work towards the cure for CF

Botanical Etsy

A place for Botanical Artists to exchange knowledge, create opportunities, to inspire, and become inspired, by fellow etsy artists.

Shabby Chic Treasury

For anyone who loves shabby chic! We primarily focus on Treasuries and BNSes, but we also give friendly shop critiques/feedback.

The Handmade Paper Flower Team

For everyone who loves paper flowers. Buyers and Sellers are welcome.


A team for anyone who has too many, too much, the wrong size, color or texture!

Really Sweet Decor

Members of this team create novelty home decor items, that feature seasonal and mixed media crafting.

Learn To...

Share/Find your North Shore, Massachusetts crafting class HERE!