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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Stellar Team

We are a small team dedicated to create Stellar Treasuries for the FP!

One Treasury Team

Unite as 'ONE'. We're about quality Front Page treasuries and having fun with our creativity. Passionate curators can apply.

The Curators

A juried team for those who enjoy curating fp-worthy treasuries as an art form.


Mandala is invite only at this time. Thank you!

Creative Treasuries

for worthy treasuries creators


1FP a month or 12 team treasuries

Against All Odds Team

Against All Odds is a small dedicated team of treasury enthusiast.


This is the team for us :)

Front Page Treasury Artists

Making beautiful front page worthy treasuries and supporting our members. Apply within, we have openings!

FP Jubilee

We engage in jubilation from time to time.