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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Free Palestine

Items that promote a free Palestine

Free Love

A free-spirited treasury making team.

Free birds

A friendly and welcoming team that will support fellow Etsians by faving and respecting the thread rules.

Free Spirits

A laid back approach to Etsy Teams.


This is a Team Focused on Promoting Each Other

Free promotions on new TV series

Have your product seen on the set of a new woman's lifestyle series airing to a worldwide audience.

Shops offering FREE SHIPPING!!!

This is for a team of shops that offer FREE SHIPPING for buyers

Promote Your Shop Off Of Etsy With Free Sites

This is a team with a list of sites to advertise your shop for free! Please use the threads we have instead of making new ones. NO SPAM!


A team with the objective to utilize sellers active and honest networking in order to increase products free visibility and sales growth.