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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Fundraising Freedom Team

Etsy Sellers who are giving back, taking the profits they've earned and spreading the love all around the world!

Artist's Freedom Team

Share ideas, inspire others, create new things and more. A group for everybody who wants freedom in art.

Creatively Inspired in FFC

For all the recycled, crafty, handmade, vintage & quirky designs of Freedom Fellowship Church ladies!

Free Artists of free Ukraine

We support Ukrainian Artists and Ukraine in her struggle for freedom and democracy

The Fun Forums

Join the Fun! Come hang out and socialize with the people of Etsy in freedom!


In this team we will pray for your success and help lead and guide each other. Helping others in turn will help you


Welcome to a place of creative freedom! For those of you that simply cannot settle on just one type of creative style!

Orzos Tea pARTy

Artists who are open minded people who love to help each other!